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Getting Back To Work

December 13th, 2021

Have you spent the past year or more looking after children, recovering from injury or illness, experiencing redundancy or taking a career break? There are many reasons for time away from the workplace and going back can feel daunting, so we've created this easy PDF prompt to help you as you think about getting back to work. Click here to download the full PDF and get in touch if you'd like more support. 1. WHAT'S CHANGED? After months or years out of work it's important to understand...

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Creating a Career Plan

December 6th, 2021

As we approach Christmas it's a good time to think about your technology career and create/update your career plan. As experienced technology recruiters we've created this list of top tips to enable you to reflect on both your short and long term goals and make sure they are still aligned. You can make this exercise as detailed or brief as you like. Considering the specific technology projects you would love to work on and the technology teams you may wish to be a part of. Or you can simply...

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Considering a new role

August 2nd, 2021

There are many considerations when making a job move; role and salary are just the beginning. Take a look at our quick tips to evaluating your new move, make sure you're fully prepared and understand your own drivers before sending in your application. 1. DRIVING THE CHANGE Before you begin your job search make sure you are clear on the reasons for considering a new role. Identifying these drivers will make it easier once you come to reviewing job specifications and potential employers. 2....

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