Recruiting Senior Technology Leaders

 With over twenty years’ experience solving a diverse range of senior leadership recruitment problems for dozens of delighted clients, we know exactly what it takes to match your senior technology vacancies with the right candidate.

First time. Every time.

We’re adept at quickly and clearly reading the cultural, commercial, political and technological nuances of your business.

And we do it with:
  • A dedicated, retained service, personally run by one of our senior consultants
  • A team of specialists assembled specifically for your candidate search
  • A deeper understanding of your role requirements, your goals, and your market
  • Expert value-added insights through pre-screened video interviews and psychometric testing
  • And our undivided attention in leaving no stone unturned and no relevant contact missed in pursuit of finding you the right person
Quick, painless problem solving to find the right person for the right job.

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Apply Recruitment – Executive Technology Recruitment
We essentially went out looking for a unicorn… and that’s what we got.