Working at Apply

February 25th, 2020

Want to find out more about what it is like to be part of the team here at Apply Recruitment? Brad Tyldesley joined us six months ago as a consultant specialising in IT Infrastructure roles and discusses what it means to work at Apply Recruitment.


What attracted you to work for Apply?
I have met a lot of different types of recruiters during my time in the industry, but it was very clear, very quickly that the Apply team is a high-performing team.  The atmosphere here is good because the culture is great and the business was in a great place to start to expand and build on an already solid foundation. On top of this, I bought in to the vision that Rob has for Apply and how he thinks and feels recruitment should be done; developing a relationship not a transaction.


What has surprised you about working for Apply?
One of the most surprising things I have found, is that even some of the largest businesses in the UK will work with a ‘boutique’ or ‘start up’ agency like Apply if you can show and deliver high-quality – like we have and continue to do so.


What do Apply do differently?
Apply live by a high quality and relationship led approach which stems from our three core internal values - responsibility, collaboration and accountability. Recruitment as an industry is often labelled as ‘salesy’, or ‘pushy’ but that is not how we do things at Apply. Our aim is to be truly consultative in our approach and offer more than just a CV sending service.


What is it like to be a new member of the Apply team?
Apply is very welcoming, but as any recruitment business can be – there is never a day that’s not busy. One of our core values is collaboration and this is definitely lived day to day, in my short time here I have multiple examples of where we have opened the door for each other with our relationships. The team is focused on delivering high-quality work, we place very high expectations on ourselves around the quality of process we try and deliver to the customer and this is apparent throughout the team.


What opportunities is Apply providing for you?
I came from a business that was renowned for its training, especially new consultant or early career development, but it pales in comparison to the on-the-job mentoring and support at Apply – having direct access to Rob and Robin every day I feel is invaluable to my personal development. This varies from a quick reaction to things that come in or helping to plan and deliver on more strategic and longer term aims.

There is a real opportunity at Apply to shape the direction that the business is heading, which you wouldn’t necessarily have anywhere else. A wider opportunity exists to build a discipline out, like a business within a business that you can have true ownership of.

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