Top tips from an interview with Karen Johnson, Head of IT&T

April 30th, 2019

You may have seen our client Karen Johnson sharing her experiences building and retaining successful technology teams. If you missed the video we’ve summarised the key messages for you to takeaway and embed within your own teams.


1.       A successful leader takes courage, honesty and integrity.

2.       Lead the team, don’t try and be one of the team.

3.       With any business transformation, take your time and don’t give up.

4.       Diversity is key to building successful teams; playing to different strengths.

5.       Don’t be dictatorial, engage the team so they join you on the journey.

6.       Trust is vital to retaining a team. Trust in you as a leader and your peers.

7.       Don’t try and change everything, only the bits that need changing.

8.       Celebrate successes.