Tips to Retaining a High Performing Team

August 20th, 2019

By Stephen Draper, Contract Solutions Architect.

Retaining a high-performing team needn’t be difficult. This list details the fundamental traits of a high-performing team; these are also qualities that high-performing leaders should demonstrate in order to support and evolve the team around them.

1. Ask: If a task is not clear, or more information is needed, ask as soon as possible. Asking is always ok.


2. Completion: Work is not completed until you’ve reported it has been done. This is often a one-sentence email to your stakeholders to clearly confirm your activity is complete.


3. Warn: If an important deadline is likely to be missed then warn your Stakeholders. As the situation is evolving something can you usually be done to rectify or re-align expectation.


4. Communication: Know your stakeholders, involve them and collaborate with them. Don’t wait for them to call you, make a point of providing updates and if needed add reminders in your calendar to provide information.


5. Manage Yourself: Understand priorities of work rather than just flagging up clashes to your stakeholders. Make informed decisions, review against deadlines and assess how long all activities will take to complete in advance.


6. Strive: Look to go that extra mile in all cases, engage others to achieve a better end-to-end solution for your customer.


7. Ownership: Don’t look to play a part in a project or engagement, own your part. Document, communicate and collaborate, taking responsibility for your own workload.


8. Challenge: Are your working practices as effective as they were? Challenge yourself by encouraging feedback from others and act upon it.


Stephen Draper is a valued Apply Recruitment candidate. He currently works as a contract solutions architect at AQA and regularly writes insightful industry and leadership blog posts. You can contact Stephen directly via his Linked in Page here -