Psychometric Coaching: Team Development & Business Performance

August 14th, 2019

Our coaching partner Seventh Wave deliver psychometric coaching to each of our employees, whilst utilising the same methodology to support broader team communication and performance. We pride ourselves in being a relationship-driven business, and this starts within our own team. If we can understand more about ourselves and our colleagues around us then this in turn will increase our levels of emotional intelligence when working with our customers. We believe investing in employee development is absolutely vital for any business looking to drive team success.

Seventh Wave help us each identify and contemplate our own characteristics and behaviours. They use a simple four-colour psychometric model that creates a unique individual profile. Each profile will contain a combination of traits, and in reviewing this mix each individual can start to understand why they favour certain behaviours over others. In knowing this they can develop greater self-awareness and start to understand what value they can bring to a team.

How does this training benefit Apply Recruitment?

We’ve been working with Seventh Wave since day 1 and in doing so have seen successes in the following areas:

1.       Personal Development

Digging deeper into our customized profiles has helped us create bespoke development plans. It enables us to think about our ambitions and how we reach them, as well as develop our own personal brands within the office and wider community.

2.       Team Productivity

By understanding what makes our colleagues tick we can work together more efficiently. Some people prefer to communicate face-to-face, whilst others via email. Some like to take away an idea before feeding back, and others prefer to discuss immediately. These are just a couple of examples that demonstrate that by understanding the preferences of others we can make informed choices; choices that drive greater collaboration and strengthen positive social relationships.

3.       Business Performance

By unlocking employee profiles we have started to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each consultant throughout our sales cycle. We’ve identified individuals who thrive from business development, those who excel working a specific market subdivision, and others who can better utilize our database. Identifying our people strengths helps make our processes more efficient, maximize our customer relationships and improve our overall business performance.

A Valuable Investment

We continue to work alongside Seventh Wave coaching to further our people development. Consistent developmental reviews maintain a motivated and driven workforce. Investing in ongoing coaching allows our people to grow with our business. We believe there are many long-term advantages for successful business performance as well as providing huge value to each of our employees as they journey through their careers at Apply and beyond.

For more information on our collaboration with Seventh Wave coaching please contact us on or visit Seventh Wave at